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Reverse phone number lookup for any country worldwide
Choose the country, then go to the white pages - links to most of the phonebooks of countries worldwide   new!


Dutch Phone Directory
Or look for people living in a certain street on - Holland
See the column on the left, with street names, and the menu on top of the phone listings
Or try reverse phone lookup at - Holland
Phonebook Sweden
White pages Sweden
Phonebook England
Links to White and Yellow pages of England
Phonebook Finland
Phonebook Denmark Phonebook Bulgaria
Yellow Pages Liechtenstein + Switzerland
Irish business information - Yellow Pages
Phonebook Switzerland
Phonebook Croatia - Telefonski Imenik Croatia
White Pages and Yellow Pages Greece / Griekenland
Phonebook Spain (+ reverse lookup) and Yellow pages
Self-listing web-based Phonebook Poland + Yellow Pages
Phonebook Belgium
Phonebook Austria
Phonebook Germany
Phonebook France
Portugese Yellow pages
Phonebook Hungary (+ reverse lookup) and phonebook of Mobile (GSM) numbers!
Phonebook Luxembourg, offers reverse lookup + mobile phone numbers, and Yellow Pages
Phonebook Turkey

Tip: Are you looking for someone who is or was in the US Military? Please check out my FAQ on how to find (former) military personnel. Or you might want to get an overview of databases and military locators

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