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Beware of people scavenging profiles for friends. It is suspected that people roam profiles and then send other people your way to become friends with you. The sort of people I am referring to, are people who are involved in or sympathize with prostitution networks. It is a possibility that men and women scavenge friends lists on social networking sites - such as MySpace-, to try to make INNOCENT victims.
Furthermore, people who have hidden - not public - profiles on MySpace generally are criminals, prostit.tes, generally a..holes, people who have got something to hide.
Others who do have public profiles ofcourse might be as well - one clue is just to look at what they say about themselves and how they present themselves, strange hateful remarks from b.mbo's, the male equivalent, etc.

The police from many countries are nowadays searching social networking sites for, among others, prostit.tion networks and criminal activities.
Ofcourse if you suspect any criminal activity, you can always file a complaint at the police of that city - on their website mostly -, sometimes even anonymously.

Second note: Beware of dating sites in general. I do not know if this is a problem on above-mentioned sites and do not want to advertise against them since I do not know, but a lot of dating sites especially for the crowd from the Netherlands, are hosts to con-artists, abusive men, people with photos from 10 years ago, and other creeps. Referring also to the all-known story of the person who travelled I don't know how many miles to meet someone who, as they found out right there and then and not before, had a dead body in the fridge. Do not assume that that is a joke or an urban myth!I am sure most of you want a nice experience and a nice friendship.

If you would like to support US Military personnel, please check this page for other links.

Tip: If you don't know how or where to start looking for a friend you lost track of, go to this quiz and get personal tips instantly on how to find him or her back.


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