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Get business credit reports at InfoUSA
This includes: Company Name, Address and Phone Number, Name of the Owner or Top Decision-Maker, Number of Employees, Estimated Annual Sales, Credit Rating Code, Primary and Secondary Lines of Business, and even more detailed information for larger companies. Costs $5.

Background Checks - Criminal Records - Free Public Records - Employment Screen
Background checks, criminal records, credit reports, employment screening and asset and lawsuits searches Online

Court Records

Download a Demo: Unclaimed Money
locate lost funds and property through state and federal governments. Resources include addresses and phone numbers of state and federal agencies, as well as branches of the armed services, Social Security office, IRS, and lots more

AutoTrack XP, provides extensive public record content
Retrieve extensive background information about USA businesses with AutoTrack software

Edge Information Management
Background check searches for employers wanting to check future employees

perform asset searches (BatchOwn), bankaccount searches, stock ownership,
intellectual property searches, public records, etc. etc.
also info here

Database Catalog from the Dialog Corporation

List of IQuest databases

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