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Internet and technology market research companies

Research results for free:

International / American websites:
Internet user statistics are on the homepage and under menu items 'sample stats' and 'press/news': i.e. on the - browser war, surfing behavior, competition between IT-companies (fusions, transfers etc.), popularity of browsers, popularity of search engines
(E-business intelligence services)
Research results under menu items 'news', 'Press Releases' and 'In the News': i.e. on subjects mentioned above for Statmarket.

Articles under menu items 'Research: integration' and 'web services': on business aspects of internet, management, on web services and technologies

Research results under menu items 'press room' ('press releases') and 'hot news': i.e. on the top 10 most popular websites, (for each country), Internet behaviour in the US and Europe compared to Asia.

Research results under menu items 'press room', 'top 25 US properties' and 'hot off the net': i.e. on top 25 US properties (most visited websites) per week and per month, global internet usage (surfing behaviour international) per week and per month (i.e.: weekly top 25 properties, monthly top 25 properties, weekly web usage data, monthly web usage data), and per country data on: Top Ten Properties, monthly top 10 properties, Top Ten Advertisers, monthly top 10 advertisers and monthly Web Usage Data

Jupiter Research (before known as Jupiter Media Metrix, before that MediaMetrix)
Research results are on the homepage (under menu items 'latest news' and via 'JMM vital stats'), under 'press' - 'press releases': i.e. on - The Top of the Internet, the top performers on the internet according to unique visitors (updated monthly), US Top 50 Properties and Global Top 50 Properties, more: on Industry Projections :
US Online Users, 2000-2006
US Online Retail Revenues, 1999-2006
Mobile Appliances Installed Base, 2000-2005
US Broadband Households, 1999-2006
Online Music Market, 2001-2006
and Online Advertising Indicators:
Top Online Advertisers, 2001
Top Websites Hosting Ads, 2001

Dutch websites: - IDB - Internet Databureau
Research results under 'internetonderzoek', 'nieuws' and 'quick survey': i.e. on internet usage in the Netherlands, advertising on the internet, computer usage by children, share of search engines in surfing, Internet usage international, number of e-mails, online ad spendings in the US

Ematic (before ProActive)
Free DataView access to sample data of The Internet Monitor™.
The DataView demo that you are about to enter provides access to a limited part of the database of The Internet Monitor, conducted in April 2000. It supplies you with extensive data on Internet penetration, throughout Europe. In addition to that, it contains valuable information on Internet user profiles in the broadest sense. By making your own queries, you will receive on-demand answers, filling all of your information needs.
Source in e-business
Results under menu items 'e-business' and on the homepage: i.e. news on companies (transfers etc.), developments in companies, advertising on websites, news on surfing behaviour (only a little), f.e. the news item on Jupiter: German internet shops have loyal visitors

Search for 'internet user behavior'
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